Yunnan Golden Pekoe | Dian Hong Gong Fu Cha

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Dian Hong is a black tea from the Yunnan province, which differs from regular black teas mainly due to the presence of yellow coloured buds. The quantity of buds defines the quality class and the price of the tea. The name “Diān 滇 Hong 紅” can be translated as “black tea from Yunnan”, and in comparison with the history of Pu Er tea it is a relatively young product. The first black tea from Yunnan was cultivated following the Japanese invasion in 1938. Historically black tea has been cultivated in China by the sea, in the vicinity of ports, since it was primarily designated for export. However, the Japanese occupation in the east of the country virtually halted all exports, and the Chinese government lost out on large profits. At that time the decision was taken to relocate the production of black tea to the west of the country. Trade then continued via Burma and India.

The tea originates from the Camellia sinensis tea plant, of the assamica type, which is colloquially known as “Daye” (large-leaf) and grows wild not only in Yunnan. It is an interesting fact that these tea plants originated from the Menghai region (Menghai Daye), where they are a source of leaves for Pu Er tea. The flavour of the tea is medium-complex, direct, diverse, sweet and very refreshing. As people from Yunnan say, this tea likes to flirt with you. Dian Hong provides healthy competition for black teas for Gong Fu Cha from the Fujian province, for which the price is continually increasing.

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