Taiwan Red Jade GABA | Hong Yu Hong Cha

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Many people drink tea to relieve anxiety and stress! The most of them do not know they can go even further. GABA is the nickname for gamma-amino butyric acid — an amino acid that regulates muscle tone and nervous excitability. GABA acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, it blocks nerve impulses. While small amounts of naturally-occurring GABA are present in most tea, its concentration can be increased by a nitrogen-rich steaming process first developed in Japan in 1984. This rare Taiwanese GABA Red Jade tea is a hand-plucked tea from Nantou region in Taiwan. The tightly rolled balls yield a liquor somewhat similar to an aged, well-oxidised Oolong. It's perfect for those who enjoy black tea but are seeking a soothing effect to counter the caffeine…or a state of blissful calm.

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Nantau, Yu Chi
Hong Yu TRES No. 18
loose tea