Assam Latumoni SFTGFOP 1 ROYAL TPY - 2nd Harvest

321 Kč

Latumoni Tea Estate is only around 7 acres large and it is located in Latumoni village in Upper Assam. It was planted in early 90s. The whole farm is free from any synthetic fertilizer or pesticide since last 7 years and has been adopting natural cultivation techniques. This farm is located in one of the best tea growing region in Upper Assam and has been producing teas since 2016 with the birth of The Tea Leaf Theory initiative in Assam. Since 2011 only cow dung has been used as a natural manure in the tea farm and all the tea leaves are being handrolled to produce only fine crafted batches of tea. Teas are being produced from some of the finest tea clonals and few wild seed plants which adds to the distinct taste of the liquor when brewed.

This tea has a remarkable visual appearance and an equally remarkable flavor. It is fresh, brisk, sweet, slightly nutty, and enlivening – an ideal everyday breakfast or afternoon tea. This will probably be worlds better than any other Assam you have even tried, and it still comes in at an excellent price.

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